International courses in 2024 canceled

Dear friends,

We are very sorry to inform you that the announced international course in 2024 in Hannover will not take place. Due to low registration numbers, the minimum number of participants will not be reached. We therefore unfortunately have to cancel the course.



Contents Part 1:

Anatomy, physiology and embryology of the upper cervical joints

Examining the Atlas using X-ray diagnostics

Metamer diagnostics

Palpation techniques

Determination of the correct impulse direction for atlas therapy

Training using the simulator

Craniomandibular dysfunctions

The upper cervical vertebrae in the functional chains/treatment of chain syndromes

Treatment of the upper cervical spine

General therapeutic concepts

Oral and written examination, complemented by an examination on the simulator to obtain a certificate for 'Atlas therapy according to Arlen'.

Neurological components of early childhood development

Neurophysiological and manual medical examination in infancy (positional reactions according to Vojta, key areas for manual medicine)

Early childhood reflexes and reactions

Milestones in the first year of life

Structured examination of infants

Examination und treatment of pelvic girdle


Part 2:

Tonus asymmetry syndrome and differential diagnoses

Sensorimotor integration disorder in infants and children

Special clinical pictures including infantile cerebral palsy and the corresponding treatment options using manual medicine

Structured examination of toddlers and school children

Radiological variations and peculiarities of child development

Introduction of the 'General movements' according to Prechtl

Baby-handling for practitioners and for use in parent training

Specialised myofascial treatment techniques

Specialised impulse techniques for infants and children

Discussion of case studies

Examination and treatment of patients in the course

Written and oral examination, accompanied by an examination on the simulator to obtain the certificate for 'Manual Medicine in Children


Course language: English

Course location: Stephansstift Hannover, Germany


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