Arlen's Atlas Therapy is...

...the most gentle of all manual medical techniques. Arlen's Atlas Therapy is based upon a novel concept which differs radically from conventional chirotherapy in its application, goals and results. Atlas Therapy mainly affects the nervous centers responsible for regulating muscular tension, the autonomous nervous centers, the equilibrium and proprioception.

Contrary to classical chirotherapy there are no typical risks associated with Atlas Therapy, as it is performed without traction, rotation or extention of the cervical spine. An injury to the cervical artery is thus not imaginable if the technique is performed correctly and such an injury has never been reported.

How can this be explained?

Die Kopfgelenke

The Atlas (the first cervical verteba) is connected to the occipital base through a joint. The muscles and fibrous tissue surrounding it have a high density of nerves. Through their sensors these nerves monitor and regulate the positioning of the body in space and help maintain the tension of muscles and tendons. These nerves have a direct connection to the sense of equilibrium and to certain nervous centers responsible for the planning of motion. They are also involved in the processing of pain reactions. The muscles and tendons of the upper cervical spine are thus a sensory organ which transmits information to the brain where it is then processed. In a pathological condition – i.e. muscular hypertension and motor impairment – false information is transmitted. Using Atlas Therapy it is possible to help correct this flawed flow of information and to improve the pathological condition.

The Method


Arlen's Atlas Therapy is performed as follows: with an exactly measured intensity from a predetermined direction a very fast impulse is applied upon the three dimensionally layered muscular system over the transverse process of the Atlas. An extremely short stimulation of the nerves of the area is achieved, a new pattern of perception develops in the brain.
This impulse which is applied by the physician with his middle finger is not random – the direction, intensity and frequency of the impulses must be determined individually for each patient. Prior to and after each impulse the physician must measure the effect of the treatment upon the tension of the muscles and upon the symptoms being treated.
This is why a specialised training for Arlen´s Atlas Therapy is necessary. Only physicians with a completed training in manual medicine are admitted. Further training is required for the treatment of motor impaired infants and children, a certificate in Atlas Therapy is a prerequisite. An oral and written examination certify the successful completion these curricula.

Atlas Therapy, as sole method or in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches is successfully being used to treat the following medical conditions: