57th FIMM International Scientific Conference - 24th ÄMKA Conference 2021


October 27th - 30th, 2022

57th FIMM International Scientific Conference

24th ÄMKA Conference

Theme: Manual Medicine in Children - The State of the Art

The conference will be held in english.

Scientific management: Dr. Henk Bultman, Prof. h.c. Dr. Stephan Martin


The invitation of FIMM:

 21th FIMM International Scientific Conference Hannover

October 27th - 30th, 2022

Manual Medicine in Children - The State of the Art

24th ÄMKA Conference 57th FIMM General Assembly

Invitation to 21th FIMM International Scientific Conference in cooperation with ÄMKA, Hannover, Germany

May, 11th 2022

Dear member societies of FIMM,

We are inviting you to join us for the FIMM International Scientific Conference in Hannover, Germany this year, the program is addressed to:

- GPs who treat children as well as adults: we will show you how to recognize and judge manual medical issues in pediatric patients so that you can refer them to qualified practitioners.

- Practitioners of MM: we want to introduce you to the exiting field of MM in children, acquaint you with- and enthuse you for - new possibilities in specialized clinical practice. The insights gained from diagnostics in children and the new manual techniques will also prove to be very helpful in the treatment of adults. Your approach to MM will become more gentle and sensitive.

- Practitioners of MM in children: internationally active instructors will present scientific findings and new techniques for MM in children. The scope of our knowledge will be extended and “the state of the art” will be established.


Friday will be dedicated to the development and treatment of infants and children. There will be introductory lectures on protocolized examination in the morning to be followed by hands-on workshops in the afternoon. We will get acquainted with the practical aspects of the topic. There will be an introduction to Atlas Therapy (Arlen) comprising the basic examination as well as impulse techniques on the Atlas Therapy Simulator.

The importance of the cranio-cervical region and its relevance in the treatment of children in MM will be a central topic. The rarely recognized important possibilities of MM concerning pediatric orthopedic issues will be presented.

On Saturday the correlation between MM and orthodontic treatment in children and adults will be a central topic. We will begin with oral pathologies and the treatment of individual teeth and then present orthodontic approaches.

There will be lectures and hands-on workshops regarding dental treatment, myofascial trains as well as the causation and treatment of CMD (craniomandibular disorders).

On Sunday there will be presentations on concepts for inpatient and outpatient treatment of neurologically impaired patients.

There will be lectures and hands-on workshops by international practitioners of MM regarding headaches in children the treatment of otitis media.

We hope that we can expand the “Horizon of Manual Medicine” with this program and enthuse you for the very rewarding field that MM offers for children.

FIMM and ÄMKA are looking forward very much to welcoming you in Hannover in October.

Stephan Martin, President of ÄMKA

Henk Bultman, President of FIMM

Registration for the conference is open.

LINK: https://www.diakovere-akademie.de/kurssuche/kurs/21st+FIMM+International+Scientific+Conference/nr/2210-037E/bereich/details/#inhalt